Are you trapped in Chapel Perilous?

That metaphysical hall-of-mirrors, that place where you spend years wandering through life, pretending to make progress...only to realize in brief moments of clarity that you're completely lost.

These flash moments of clarity illuminate the Truth--that you've been fooling yourself.

Then they fade just as quickly, plunging you back into the darkness of your own soul to wander aimlessly, wasting more of your precious years...pretending.

How do you escape from a prison you can't see?

If you want to FINALLY gain TRUE spiritual clarity...if you need a compass to guide you safely through the illusions of your spiritual seeking and raise your vibration, then this message is for you!

Finally, the Alchemical Secrets of the Ancients have been fused with the mystical wisdom of the Far East to produce the most powerful spiritual supplement on the planet.

Ancient civilizations had access to spiritual technologies that us modern folk have lost. Even now, examples of this spiritual technology are being recovered. We see it in the Kabbalah, the return to 432Hz tuning, and the rediscovery of the lost Gospels.

And now the next ancient SECRET is just beginning its return to the light of our collective consciousness. Spiritual Supplementation.We all understand supplementation. We take an element or mixture to boost our physical health, mental performance, or emotional well-being, right?

Well now, you can take a supplement to improve your connection to Spirit. That's right, you can take a supplement--Monatomic Gold--to raise your vibration and improve your spiritual practice.
So what is Monoatomic Gold?

Monoatomic Gold has been known by many names throughout the ages—Manna, the Pill of Immortality, the Philosopher’s Stone. It was used by ancient Pharaohs, Chinese, and even Jesus himself. It's an essential tool for any real spiritual seeker because it does what most of us cannot, not in our modern times filled with so much technological...noise.

Monatomic Gold strengthens our ability to receive spiritual signals. In other words, it raises your vibration.Yeah...but what IS it? Monatomic Gold is a rare form of gold, rare because it must be transformed, through the use of specialized knowledge and tools (i.e. Alchemy) into this single-atomed form.

Once transmuted, Monatomic Gold is a physical substance which interacts with the spiritual Other. 

You might call this Other...God, Universe, or Spirit. The names don’t matter. What matters is that the Unseen exists, both externally to us and internally to us.

We are both in it and of it. Just as we need supplementation to optimize the function of our bodies, the same goes for our Spirit. After ingesting Monatomic Gold, it begins to act on your energetic system.

You might call this system Chakras, Vortices, or Meridians. The names don’t matter. What matters is that our Unseen Energetic System (UES) exists. And like all the systems in your body, if you’re not taking care of it, you're neglecting it.

What does that look like?

  • Despair
  • Hopelessness
  • Everyday Anxiety
  • Morning Dread
  • Endless looping of negative thoughts
  • That chasing your tail feeling
  • Stagnation
  • Lack of progress
  • Muscle Cramps
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Lethargy

Monatomic Gold acts like a bridge between this dimension and the spiritual dimension.

 Monatomic Gold has elements of both the physical and spiritual world so when you take it, it acts on both dimensions inside of you. Spiritually, this means that your UES will begin to align itself to its true, divine nature.

You're reading this so you must already know that We Are One. Your true nature is Divine. The Monatomic Gold goes to work repairing the inevitable damage that all of us suffer with by living in this far-from-perfect world.

The result?

As the Monatomic Gold goes to work raising your vibration, you’ll be able to better experience the spiritual in your life.

You might call it prayer, meditation, or mantra. The names don’t matter. What matters is that after using Monatomic Gold to clear your system of its obvious imbalances your connection to the Unseen will improve beyond your wildest imaginings.

Some people experience this as psychic phenomenon, others as a deep connection with God, and others as a profound sense of calm, of lasting peace.

How your spiritual practice improves will largely be unique to you. But as it does improve, your UES will only align more with the Divine. Which will only raise your vibration even more. Which will only improve your spiritual practice even more. Which will only better align your UES.

You see?

It’s a spiral.

An upward spiral.

 How would that feel?

After so long you finally have the opportunity to transform yourself into the best version of yourself?

How would that feel if you could finally complete that metamorphosis you started all that time ago?

What would your life look like if you took action to put yourself into this spiritual, healing upward spiral?

Looking around the world, it’s easy to see the vast problems we, as a species, are inflicting upon ourselves and our beautiful Mother Earth. 

Multinational companies rape and pillage our natural resources, then dump toxic wastes back into the environment. Even now, countries are building more powerful, deadlier weapons.

The world is reaching a critical threshold.

It's sink or swim.

We are on the brink of destruction. And Humanity needs a wake-up call. We need to raise our vibration.We need an awakened species.

We need you.

We need you to find your way out of Chapel Perilous, to reach your higher purpose, to become your best self, to resonate with the Unseen, with all that is good so that we can fundamentally transform how we live on this fragile green orb, dancing so beautifully through the Universe. So that we can pull ourselves out of this adolescent cycle of self-harm and self-destruction.

And that’s why you need Monatomic Gold. That's why you need Ascencion Monatomics.

And this time, the name does matter.

Due to the nature of spiritual supplements, it’s imperative that you find a vendor you can trust, not only to deliver a quality product, but also to have walked The Path before you.

Ascencion Monoatomics is the brainchild, or better said, heart-child of Kevin Dusen, a lifelong seeker from Canada. After backpacking around the world, he landed in Taiwan where he dove into the healing arts of Qi-Gong, as both a patient and a student.

Along the way, he supplemented the Eastern Arts with the Mystery Tradition of the West to best optimize his own healing quest. After researching for more than a decade about ancient civilizations, Kevin began to assemble the elements of what would become his very own Alchemical Lab.

Unable to find a trustworthy supply of Monoatomic Gold, he began his journey into alchemy. It took him more than a year to perfect the process, but eventually, he accomplished what he set out to do: Heal himself. Both spiritually and physically.

The result?

Ascencion Monatomics

The most potent Monatomic Gold available on the planet.
Because it pulls elements from various traditions, our alchemical process is truly unique.

What elements, you might ask?

  • Layered with Sacred Geometry to form an 'encrypted' connection with the Unseen
  • A solid copper Flower of Life acts as a positive seed, the most basic intention for health, longevity, and connection 
  • A 24K Gold Pyramid focuses the power of the Unseen to connect this world with the next, attracting the most powerful positive energy
  • Metatron's Cube acts as a key, a portal opening a vortex to allow the transmission of this force of Divinity. 
  • Qi Battery charged by a Hong-Kongese Qi-Gong Master. It holds up to 30K Bovis! (This is one of the secret ingredients that ensures we only attract the very best energy to our Monoatomic Gold so that our Monoatomic Gold will raise your vibration in the fastest, safest way possible. )
  • Tibetan Sigil of Protection. (This powerful magic wards off negative energies of all kinds to be sure that our Monoatomic Gold is of the Light.)
  • We make our Monoatomic Gold in the waxing phase of the moon, culminating on the full moon to maximize our connection to the Unseen.

  • It's this diversity of systems that makes Ascension Monatomics the best spiritual supplement on the market. We're proud to offer this to you because we know it will help you to find your own way out of Chapel Perilous and to make exponential leaps in your spiritual practice. 

  • We understand that every person who switches herself on is another step in the right direction for all of us.

  • Every spiritual seeker faces a Dark Night of the Soul, faces Chapel Perilous. But not all those seekers come out intact. Chapel Perilous poses real threats to your sanity, to your Spirit.

  • We've all been there before--frustrated, despondent, hopeless from the lack of results from our spiritual practice. It feels like we're wandering aimlessly through a black void of...nothing. No progress. No sign of improvement. No intuition to signal you're on the right track. Just deception and second-guessing at every turn. And getting out, getting onto the right path can seem impossible, especially when you go at it alone.

  • Now you know. You know that you can make miraculous progress in your spiritual practice with a spiritual supplement.

  • And if you don't? What will happen if you just continue with what you've already been doing?

  • How much more of your life will you waste hoping that you're on the right track?
  • This is the moment.

  • The Unseen has brought you here, brought us here together. And now it is the moment of choice. Will you move forward or will you continue pretending?

  • Supercharge Your Spiritual Connection Now!

  • Because we use elements from two entirely different mystical systems that we sync with the moon phases in order to create our Ascencion Monoatomic Gold, our supplies are extremely limited.

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